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AAT-390 is a solvent-free, latex-resin emulsion adhesive specifically designed for the installation of most outdoor and marine carpets. AAT-390 offers excellent resistance to moisture or water when fully dry and cured. AAT-390 is compatible with most all carpet backings and felt back sheet goods. AAT-390 is nonflammable, freeze-thaw stable (if allowed to freeze,). Anti-microbial protected and Green Label Plus Approved.


How Much Do I Need?

8x10 - 1 Gallon

8x20 - 2 Gallon

8x30 - 3 Gallon

8x40 - 4 Gallon




AAT-390 Marine and Exterior Adhesive is recommended for the following installations:


A- Carpets and artificial turfs.

  • Rubber-backed (Marine, waffle, foam)
  • Non-backed (Tufted or woven)
  • Woven polypropylene (ActionBac®)

Not recommended for carpets with vinyl and most urethane backings.


B. Subfloor Surfaces:

  • a. Concrete (clean and fully cured) Max. MVER 5lbs./1000 sq ft/24 hours, pH 7.0-9.0
  • b. Asphalt paving (clean and fully cured)
  • c. Other clean, sound paving surfaces
  • d. Fiberglass*
  • e. Aluminum*
  • f. Marine Grade Plywood

Do not use over asphalt roofing or pressure treated wood decking. Before beginning installations with backing systems or over sub-floors not mentioned above, please contact AAT Technical Services for recommendations. * Clean and lightly abraded to provide for a mechanical bond.


Technical Data:

  • A. Base: Latex Resin
  • B. Color: White
  • C. Non-Flammable
  • D. Freeze-thaw Stable--Thaw out at room temperature (70_F+) for a minimum of 24 hours before using. Do not stir adhesive while ice crystals are present.
  • E. Clean-up: wet adhesive with warm water, dry adhesive with AAT-197 Adhesive Remover
  • F. Sizes: Gallons
  • G. It is essential that good adhesive contact be achieved. A 100% transfer of floor adhesive into the
  • carpet backing while maintaining full coverage of the floor must be obtained. On stiff or backings that have curling tendencies, the carpet should be laid into the adhesive immediately after spreading and laid open for up to 30 minutes before reapplying to floor. This method insures adhesive transfer to improve installation.

AAT 390

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